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Welcome to Fantha Tracks complete guide to The Mandalorian. Here we will post every reference, Easter egg, everything named and unnamed per episode and some fun trivia in-between. If you are keen to avoid spoilers, move along…

A whole new world…or three: In the first episode we visit three locations, all of them new and two of them unnamed. The first is a snow world where the Mandalorian captures a bounty and is nearly eaten. The second one where he collects on his bounties also goes unnamed. The name of the desert world was first revealed in the databank entry for Kuiil: Arvala-7. The compound where the asset is located has some typical Star Wars set dressing like a vaporator and the typical kind of crates as seen in A New Hope aboard the Death Star with the scanning crew when they board the Millennium Falcon.

Behind the scenes: All these worlds are a combination of interior (Studios in Los Angeles and New York) and exterior sets (A studio in El Segundo and the MBS Media Campus), but mostly done digital.

Familiar faces: Among the snow planets inhabitants we can see a Quarren, an Onodone, a Dyplotid and a Kubaz. Frozen in carbonite are a Rodian, a human female and a human male, that somewhat resembles George Lucas.

On the second planet we can spot an Adminmech Droid from Solo, a red-white R5 astromech, Wickwar playing Sabacc, Chussido (Solo’s yellow Rodian), Trandoshans, a Melbu, Zuvio and another Kyuzo, Jawas, a Suerton, GNK droid, Kowakian monkey-lizards, someone from Silvasu Fi’s species and a Twi’lek.

On Arvala-7 we see two kinds of Nikto, the Kajain’sa’Nikto and Kadas’sa’Nikto. And as Kuiil the Ugnaught reminds us of the Cloud City Ugnaughts, so does IG-11 reminds us all of IG-88 but also the IG droids as used during the Clone Wars.

New faces: the blue skinned humanoid alien in the beginning is a Mythrol according to the subtitles. The new creature that bites down on the landing gear of the Razor Crest is most likely the Ravinak that was mentioned in the dialogue. A tooth of it can be seen in the bar near the entrance also. The Armorer, one of the clan of Mandalorians that our title character belongs to, was played by Emily Swallow.

Unnamed: Bald man with beard (played by Tait Fletcher), a second human thrawler (played by Ryan Watson) and Quarren male (played by Dmitrious Bistrevsky), snow planet bartender (played by John Beasley) and the snow planet speeder pilot (played by Brian Posehn from The Big Bang Theory) are all characters with a speaking role, yet go all unnamed.

Trivia: The Huttese that the characters speak in the beginning is a nice mix of new words and some familiar ones.

Among the weapon case aboard the Razor Crest you can spot many weapons inspired by the Original Trilogy and again made out real weapons. A particular nice nod is a weapon of the same type that Bossk uses (Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher).

Beskar steel, or Mandalorian Iron, has been around since the Tales of the Jedi comic series. The more often used word beskar is the Mando’a word for it and was introduced by Karen Traviss in her works. The Great Purge in which a lot of the material was lost seems to be a new historical event or could possibly be the Empire’s subjugation of Mandalore.

The Mythosaur symbol can be seen, and later Kuiil mentions them also as the animals the ancient Mandalorians used to ride. The Blurrgs are seen in The Clone Wars, but first appeared in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

The whipcord thrower/launcher that the Mandalorian uses against the Quarren was first seen in Return of the Jedi. Speaking of gadgets, all the views from various binoculars look like the one from Luke in A New Hope. And that shoulder armor piece, before he replaces it, as well as a piece on the hand, appears the same as that one of a shoretrooper from Rogue One.

The Bounty Hunters Guild has been a staple in Star Wars lore for ages as well, yet never mentioned in a movie.

Newly introduced: Gray Holds (considering the way they speak and the term ‘grey water’ this is probably some kind of septic tank), dank farrik (a new curse) and Calamari Flan (currency)

The Star Wars Holiday Special gets a couple of nods. Not only do we see Boba Fett’s two-pronged blaster (an Amban phase-pulse blaster) but Life Day is also mentioned.

Audio recalls: The sounds of the Kubaz, landspeeders, gatekeeper droid and GNK droid are all using the original sound effects from the movies. The sound of the Millennium Falcon engine failing can be heard when the Mandalorian tries to get away from the Ravinak.

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