There can’t be too many sites around the internet that have among their ranks contributors who have worked on the Star Wars films. From the previous films, our guest columnist John Morton was the ill-fated Rebel Snowspeeder pilot Dak Ralter in The Empire Strikes Back and Paul McQue was seen onscreen in Rogue One as a Rebel Fleet Trooper. Now Solo: A Star Wars Story adds two more Trackers to that illustrious roster.

Brian Cameron can be seen on a monitor during the Kessel scenes of Solo, while Joelle can be seen in the Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Guide in Coronet Spaceport on Corellia, the location where Han and Qi’ra make their escape. While she didn’t make the final cut of the film there’s every chance she will appear in deleted or behind the scenes footage on the home video release.

With Episode IX on the way and other films following closely thereafter, who knows what other Fantha Tracks members are going to crop up. Stay tuned – always in motion is the future….