Was a KFC bucket used for the escape pod in A New Hope?

Maybe we need to call the colonel and ask this vital question – was the escape pod really made using a couple of greasy KFC buckets filled with polyfoam, sheathed in plastic to get the shape and covered in glued-on greeblies? That’s certainly the story that model maker extraordinaire Dave Goldberg believes, and he discusses this and other mdoel builds in this video over at Tested.

In the making of Star Wars, there are few model miniatures more detailed and beautiful than the Y-Wing made by ILM. Modelmaker Dave Goldberg shares with us his masterful studio scale build of the rebel starfighter, alongside his builds of the Tantive IV escape pod and Tatooine moisture vaporators. Dave’s scratch-built models are a true labor of love and a sight to behold!

Find more of Dave’s modelmaking work at http://goldbergarts.com