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The Revell Millennium Falcon Advent Calendar was spotted at the Lady Bay Retail Park branch of HobbyCraft in Nottingham. With a new piece everyday, the calendar gives you 24 days of model kit fun over the festive period.

Features include a detachable escape craft, rotatable canons, working landing gears and the boarding ramp, so jump to lightspeed and make sure this YT-1300 is landing in your docking bay this Christmas.

Matt Bell
Matt’s fandom continued to grow even more with the Star Wars resurgence of the 90’s. Reading the Expanded Universe and West End Games supplements, playing the LucasArts computer games and being active in fan groups and forums since the early days of the Internet. Matt began to write his own Star Wars reference books and character guides. Today his collecting focus is on Star Wars literature and items from the 90’s.