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DeAgostini have released a new partwork in the UK called “Star Wars Chess Course.”  It was spotted in Tesco by friend of the site, Andrew Fearnside, and the full details revealed on the DeAgostini website.

Learn to play chess like a master as you build your board and collect the unique Star Wars chess pieces!

86 issues are currently planned for this series.  Star Wars Chess is set to be published weekly.  Issue 1 costs only £1.99.  Issue 2 costs £3.99 and the regular price of issue 3 onwards is £6.99.  All prices include VAT.

Subscribers receive the following fantastic free gifts as follows:

● Delivery 1: Free Notebook
● Delivery 3: Free Pen
● Delivery 5: Free Shoe Laces
● Delivery 7: Free USB Powerbank

A premium subscription is available offering a “Set of Lightsabers” with your chess set.  All you have to pay is an extra £1.00 per issue from issue 2.  You will receive your set of Lightsabers throughout your collection.

A look inside the accompanying magazine: