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Looking for a cool ride? You won’t find many better than this, a custom wrap turning this VW van into the sweetest cruiser this side of Slave 1. Eddie Sutherland walks us through the process.

I have always been a Star Wars fan since I was a boy and now with my grandson and nephew becoming fans my passion was relit and my obsession with Boba Fett renewed and how better to pay homage to an icon than make my vehicle a show piece in his honour, and the inside when complete will be decorated in Star Wars and Fett merch.

My designer as recommended by my installer (Wrap Capital) and was given a very vague design brief from myself to design something that showed homage to the great Boba Fett they are a wrap design studio; and design all sorts of custom artwork for all sorts of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, etc). There is no limit to what can inspire a wrap; they have created designs inspired by nearly everything, from iconic Disney characters to famous racing liveries to classic Baroque architecture. Whatever someone has in mind, they most likely can make it work on any vehicle of choice. I was shown two designers and Corsa Auto Design showed the best portfolio.

Their website is www.corsaautodesign.com — however, most of their recent work can be found on their Instagram, www.instagram.com/corsaautodesign. You can email them at info@corsaautodesign.com or call/text them at 201.579.0128 (US-based number).

(Please note: they are not a vinyl wrap installer, but solely a design studio. They will design your custom wrap then work with a local installer of your choice to bring it to life).

For this design, they wanted to stay true to the modern Boba Fett look. Therefore, they studied everything from the details on his helmet to the styling of his armor, and recreate the ideas within My VW transporter, Initially, they focused on including other elements from his suit, including the gauntlet, jet pack, etc., but in the end they simplified the overall look to mainly focus on the helmet components (e.g. the antennas). The front and rear of the van are designed to resemble Fett’s unique visor, while the sides combine the design of the helmet with the structure of his chest plate armor. To top it all off, the entire look has been given a weathered/grungy feel, just like the actual Boba Fett suit.

My installer Wrap Capital are an Exeter based installer who came recommended via, a VW owner forum that I am a member of T5/6 mods.co.uk. Wrap capital are an up and coming installer with an extensive background in the automotive industry their passion is for cars with custom looks. For them it’s not just work it’s a way of life their works can be found at wrapcapital.uk

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