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In previous articles the Fantha Trackers have shared their best packing and planning advice in order to get the best experience at Celebration. In this final article they give advice on how to have the most fun at the event.

Johanna Nybelius

My best general advice is: Relax. It will be impossible to experience everything going on at Celebration. Relax and enjoy the things that you get to do and see, don’t regret the things that you miss. Some times the best thing is just to sit down in one of the halls and take in what it is like to be surrounded by so many people who all share their love of Star Wars.

Richard Hutchinson

To have the most fun you need to make sure that you avoid the busiest places.  Which dioramas will be quieter later in the day?  Don’t spend more than 20 minutes in the queue for the Celebration store previous experience shows you will be disappointed!  Try to find a quiet area, in front of a big screen, and just soak up the atmosphere.

Paul Naylor

Pack a big suitcase lightly, cos you are going to need plenty of space full of SW swag for the return journey home.

Matt Booker

You can’t do everything. The schedule is always packed with panels and events that clash. Plus many bigger panels are live-streamed and put on YouTube later. So prioritise accordingly

Brian Cameron

Come say hi at the Fantha Tracks booth.

Clair Henry

There aren’t many times you’re in a large room with people who share a common love! so my advice is soak up the moment, talk to as many people as you can and try as much as possible to relax! Don’t get sucked into the negative comments about queuques, crowds and merchandise running out , they are inevitable and there is nothing you can do or say that will make it better or change it! (that’s convention life)

You will meet loads of people and some of them you will definitely keep in touch with long after celebration is over it’s why i go to celebration and why I’m looking forward so much to SWCC! So pop over to the Fantha Tracks table and say Hi!

Example of Star Wars Celebration Crowds

Patty Hammond

My best advice for anyone attending Star Wars Celebration, especially newbies, is to plan ahead, but remember the best laid plans can be derailed due to crowds, changes in programming or any other unexpected circumstances.  Therefore, as part of your planning, include some contingency plans as well, just in case.  If Plan A does not work out, then Plans B, C or even D, may be just where you needed to be after all.

I was not given this advice the first time I attended a Celebration. Therefore, I spent most of my time being stressed, unhappy and disappointed. Hopefully, this advice will help newbies start to figure out what the one or two MUST do activities are to avoid feeling intimidated, frustrated and disappointed, like I was, when attending their first Star Wars Celebration.

Carl Bayliss

Although you might think a 4-5 day convention leaves you lots of time to do everything, you’ll be surprised how quickly the time goes. Be sure to talk to people, sure they may not share the same views as you but you’re all there for the love of Star Wars and that’s good. At my last Celebration I came back having met lots of new people, some of whom are now part of the team at Fantha Tracks and only by talking to them did I start to build the friendships that led me to the point I am today writing for you. So take the plunge if you can and soak up the love – my enduring memory from 2016 is how excited I was for the future of Star Wars and the many different things that recharged my enthusiasm. Here’s hoping Chicago 2019 can do the same for you!!!