It should not be underestimated that part of the success of Kenner selling millions of Star Wars toys comes down to the packaging. The cardbacks, disposable packaging really, are admired and collected by vintage Star Wars collectors far and wide, with many hunting for them just as much as original carded figures. Facebook groups and websites are dedicated to trading and documenting them.

Now I look at the second wave of the Kenner action figures and part one can be found here.

GreedoMany of the images used from this point onwards are promotional shots but none were needed for this great shot of Greedo “Jabba’s put a price on your head so large every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you…”


Hammerhead is one of those blink and you miss it type of characters.  It was awesome of Kenner to attempt this trickier to design alien when you think about the human like Devaronian for example which stares direct into the camera.  A lot of colouring has gone into this image to remove the light source.  Notice, you can see the rogue alien in the image still.


Snaggletooth is one of the most interesting.  Most collectors will be aware that Kenner made a mistake by releasing a larger Blue Snaggletooth with a Sears exclusive cantina playset.  When it was time to release the character on cardback Kenner used an image from The Star Wars Holiday Special where the red costume can clearly be seen.

Walrus Man

Not so easy to find is our Walrus Man.  Here he is, with all limbs, ordering a drink.  A lot of airbrushing has gone into this one to remove the foreground.

Luke X-Wing Pilot

A favourite figure and cardback image, Luke climbing into his fighter before the Battle of Yavin.  It’s clearly a posed shot and does not appear in the movie.


You don’t get sunsets like that on Tatooine!  This image of Luke and R5 is a huge favourite due to the number of characters on the card and the flipping of the image.  You can just see R2-D2 peeking out on the right.

Death Star Droid

Appearing in the Jawa sandcrawler and on The Death Star when Chewie is led by Han and Luke in disguise heading to the detention centre, it wasn’t easy finding this image. The nearest match is this one, which suggests a lot of airbrushing or a publicity shot of this character.

Power Droid

You can tell this image is heavily airbrushed and it was very hard to find as a reason.  Here is the image it is taken from – Gonk, Gonk.

Boba Fett

As Boba Fett was never in Star Wars, never flew in space and never shot fireballs from a canon. It’s obvious this was a staged and heavily airbrushed shot.

Doesn’t look anywhere near as fearsome in the light and on a carpet!

Photos (c) Richard Hutchinson, with huge thanks to Domonkos Balla for collating most of these