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PBP/Poch Made In Spain Comprehensive Catalog

This exhaustive comprehensive catalog is an high quality and durable book, which have this characteristics.

Among other contents this book will include:

Foreword by Stephen J. Sansweet.
Deep interview with a very important PBP employee.
Introduction to the PBP former companies.
Production stages from 1980 to 1986.
Deep chapter about main features on PBP/Poch loose figures.
Formal descriptions along with highly detailed images of 37 characters, for a total amount of more than 70 Early PBP(Poch) variants.
Formal descriptions along with highly detailed images of 33 characters for a total amount of more than 80 Late PBP(PBP) variants.
This highly detailed book contains more than 850 images inside, comparing all of the known PBP/Poch characters with their Kenner or European counterparts, MOC examples and more!

Pages: 184 Pages
Size: 21x 29,7 cm.
Type: 170gr Paper
Weight: Approximate weight 1500gr

Guest review by Stephen Savory

The month of July has seen deliveries starting to appear across the globe of the latest instalment of the Made in Spain book series written by Javier Ruilopez and designed by Jose Ma Arosa.

The book itself is a hardback edition and covers all manner of Spanish Star Wars collectables from the vintage era, including detailed coverage of Catalogues, Blister variants and boxes. This edition follows relatively closely (in the general scheme of multiple edition Star Wars collectable publishing books) behind the first edition that focussed on the 3 ¾ inch figure line from the same vintage period.

Having purchased and read issue one, I jumped at the chance to be involved with the publication of issue two and joined the Kickstarter campaign as soon as it opened. This not only meant the option for a signed and numbered, limited edition covered copy, but a couple of small bonuses including a contributor plaque and a replica instruction booklet as part of the package.

I think the first think that jumps out with this and the previous book is the ultra-high quality production values and design that has been applied across the board in getting this to print. The images throughout the book are huge and in very high resolution. They have all been very well shot minimising (and in most cases totally eradicating) any reflections and sheen that you might expect to see when photographing shiny plastic or litho print materials. The images show every detail you might want to focus on as a collector and give utterly fantastic reference of the toy packaging and catalogues involved.

The book itself opens with a detailed and informative forward by Antonio Palouzie, this covers a brief but informative explanation of the factories/companies manufacturing in Spain during the vintage era. Antonio speaks with clear knowledge and of course personal experience on the subject at hand and this left me as a reader keen to get more involved with the content ahead of me. The entire book has some interesting translations and spelling issues, but these must be forgiven as the content shines through and they actually add to the overall charm of the product in hand rather than detract all.

Page after page follows, of often full page, or at worst quarter page photographs with associated comment and highlight text guiding you through all manner of packaging for the Spanish versions of the classic Kenner range. Javier makes reading this title in many way like reading a text book that has become a journal with the student who is top of the class having annotated his own findings and thoughts in the margin throughout, it makes what could be a very formulaic series of grids and pictures a far more engaging and interesting read.

For me personally I found great joy in flicking through the images, the card art itself, the foreign language logo text, the association of figure to carded examples including some classic and well known examples such as the Dark Brown Rebel Soldier in Hoth Battle gear with a metallic Bespin blaster and the Yak Face, most often found in blister with the Tusken Raider accessory in the examples from the Spanish factories, the blisters and card being the focus, but the figure variants do of course catch ones eye. The author does of course, with this being such a comprehensive run down, give details of far more obscure variants too. I would at this point though reiterate that the first edition is the wholly figure focussed bible, so the two publications naturally work in harmony.

I don’t profess that I have learnt it all just by reading this book, but I do think I’m better informed and more confident that the information is in my library to refer to should I want or need in future. The Star Wars collector’s library is all the better for this publication and I’d recommend getting a copy should you have an interest in all things that are currently known about PBP and Poch at the time of publication. More may come to light of course, but then there is always a chance of book 3. It cannot be underestimated though how much work has gone into this book with over 30 collaborators and fellow collectors contributing to the final piece in hand.

Book two runs to 447 numbered pages compared to the 183 in book one.

The book can be ordered directly (self-published title) by emailing Javier himself at: pbp.book.reserve.your.copy@gmail.com
The book can also be ordered through Javier’s personal Facebook page too.
The book retails at 100 Euros and includes all PayPal fees and insured/tracked worldwide shipping

  • Spanish (Publication Language)
  • Diabolo Ediciones (Publisher)