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College time is the best time to learn. However, this learning should not necessarily come from books. Movies can also be a perfect source of wisdom. Especially those that have a real-life story to back on.

Therefore, movie nights that you love so much should not be perceived as a waste of your time. Instead, you should critically evaluate what movies you should watch to gain knowledge instead of simply losing your time. At the same time, movie nights should remain fun, of course.

To do that, essay writing specialists who know how to write a film review assisted us in making a list of must-watch films for undergraduate students. Let’s see what they suggest.

Mona Lisa Smile

This is one of the best movies with Julia Roberts. Her character is an empowering feminist. She is a professor at Wellesley College, who gradually realizes that her students are not willing to adapt to different ways of learning. She tries to undermine long-lasting college traditions and helps girls see the world in a different way and follow their dreams.

Freedom Writers

A young and inspiring teacher Erin Gruwell starts teaching in one of the most racially-divided high schools in Los Angeles. She soon realizes that the conventional way of teaching does not work with these kids. She needs to find something creative to motivate them to continue their education and help them be more tolerant towards one another.

The Spectacular Now

A classic story of how a bad guy falls for a nerdy girl may seem to be too trivial to be on this list. However, this story is different. With all his desire to make her freer and let her experience all kinds of ‘firsts’ together, he soon realizes that it is him who is changing. A bad guy who was going to rock the world finds reasons why his love looks so serious at life.

The Social Network

There is nothing better than to discover the whole story behind one of the largest and most successful social networks in the world. This Oscar-winning story will not leave you indifferent. It is truly inspiring, as Mark Zuckerberg was just a student whose creation turned his life upside down and made him one of the richest and most recognizable men on Earth.

Legally Blonde

When a stereotypical blonde girl gets dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to Harvard Law School to win him back. It is a difficult path that she chooses because no one gives credit to her intelligence. Her appearance is all that others see. However, she finds a way to prove that she is much smarter than other think and uses it to her advantage.


Getting to college is always a challenge. It is hard to believe but the main hero of the movie got rejected by every college he applied to. However, it is not only about his future. He also does not want to get his parents upset. Therefore, the only way to deal with the situation is to create his own school. Of course, it is hard to get away with such a scheme.

21 & Over

Even though the movie is not about college, it describes all goods and bads related to turning 21. It is about a college student who struggles to come up with his post-college plans. Moreover, he decides to spend his 21st birthday just before the life-changing medical school interview. This decision changes all his plans.

Pitch Perfect

Musical or dancing bands are a big part of American movie culture. If you want your movie night to be fun and entertaining, choose Pitch Perfect. You will not be disappointed. This movie indeed has a surprisingly good storyline with enough humor, competition, and good music.


This one is almost a classic by now. A many students’ favorite, it shows the parts of Europe that even the most desperate travelers have never discovered. This movie indeed does not disappoint. These teens face so many epic and fun situations that it will surely be the funniest movie night ever for you and your friends.

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

The movie that could mark the launch of Ryan Reynolds’ Hollywood career is one of the best movies about college time you can find. The plot is both realistic and comic, with lots of sublines and real-life student situations. Such a mixture of events, parties, and love lines, you will not be disappointed.


Final Words

College movie nights are one of the best types of friend get-togethers. Be selective about the movies though. It is your time, and you need to spend it with pleasure. So do not waste it for some trivial movies. Choose the best from the list above and see how fun and inspiring college life can be. There must be something you can learn from these stories that could be useful further in life.