Mark Telfer Interviews vintage action figure collector and author Javier Ruilopez.

Fantha Tracker Mark Telfer catches up with Spanish vintage action figure collector Javier Ruilopez.

Guest Interview: Mark Tuttle

Fantha Tracker Philip Harrison Vazquez interviews Mark Tuttle, known for his involvement with fan favourite CCG.

Laura Dern continues age old Star Wars tradition

Laura Dern goes pew-pew, joining millions of other Star Wars kids from across the decades.

Kelly Marie Tran has a story to tell

Kelly Marie Tran is interviewed over at GQ.

Vintage Interview: Jonathan L Bowen : 12th June 2005

The eighteenth guest on Lightsabre back in 2005 was author Jonathan L Bowen.

Part two of Jedi News interview with Alan Dean Foster

Jedi News bring the second part of their chat with Alan Dean Foster.
video Taylor Gray on the journey of Ezra Bridger

Taylor Gray looks at the development of his character Ezra Bridger through the four years of Star Wars Rebels.

Mark and Marilou Hamill: A 40-Year love story better than any movie

Mark and Marilou Hamill have a relationship almost as old as the saga itself.

Daisy Ridley on Facebook live NOW

Daisy Ridley is answering your questions on Facebook live, right now.

Alan Dean Foster interviewed at Jedi News

Steve Galloway from Jedi News interviews Alan Dean Foster.

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