She’s a far more formidable opponent than first impressions might indicate, but Fantasy Flight Games are very aware of her skills and talents as they bring us Advanced Strategies for using Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: Legion.

Padmé Amidala may not fight on the front lines like the Galactic Republic’s clone troopers, but that doesn’t mean she’s not willing to put herself in harm’s way for the Republic. Mike Syrylo recently covered the basics of using this crafty Republic operative in your games of Star Wars™: Legion. Today, Mike Barry takes a deeper look, offering some advanced tips for using the Senator from Naboo!

Welcome to Padmé Amidala 201, your advanced tactics guide to the Galactic Republic Operative Padmé Amidala!

If you have not played with Padmé Amidala on the table yet, we would recommend you check out our 101 article to get a feel for the basic abilities she brings to your armies.

While that article gave an overview of Padmé Amidala’s baseline strengths and weaknesses for everyday games of Legion, this article will prepare you to bring her to a tournament. We are going to take a closer look at a few of Padmé’s abilities and synergies that work well competitively and how you can leverage them to gain an advantage on the tabletop. Once we do that, we’ll take a look at specific lists that allow you to take advantage of Padmé’s unique abilities to preserve the Republic for years to come!

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion: Padme Amidale Operative, SWL66
  • A Galactic Republic expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Bring Padmé Amidala to your Galactic Republic armies as the faction’s first operative
  • Features a highly detailed hard plastic miniature with a wide variety of customization options
  • Adjust your strategy on the fly and augment Padmé Amidala’s natural abilities with her three signature command cards
  • Contains six upgrade cards inviting you to outfit her to fit your personal strategy
SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
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