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If you were space smart enough to spend Sunday 2nd August watching Empire40 – we would list all the guests involved but it would take too long – then you will have heard the interview with Kim Simmons, recorded while the Kickstarter project to fund Kenner Star Wars Photography 1980-1982 was still ongoing. Great news – they not only reached their target but blew through it with 424 backers pledging $120,662, way above the required $80,000 and here’s Kim to say thank you.

We did it! THANK YOU everyone for making this a reality. The book is funded and 2 of our Stretch Goals have been reached. Everyone who contributed at the $125 level and up will be getting the poster and the coin!

We can’t believe how many of you came in over the past 24 hours to be a part of this epic campaign, but we’re glad you’re here. Thank you all for contributing and supporting this project.

As we move forward we’ll be keeping you all updated on the book’s progress as well as the rewards as we work towards getting everything printed, manufactured, and ready for shipping over the next few months.

May the Force be with you all!

Remember, stay tuned for that Empire40 interview coming here to the site very soon.

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