The Birth of Boba Fett: A detailed timeline of the character’s creation

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Oct 1977: Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston start work on the Star Wars Sequel
0:49 Nov 1977: George Lucas writes story treatment
1:19 Dec 1977: Concept for ice planet
1:48 Jan 1978: Supertrooper designs
2:55 Feb 1978: Irvin Kershner hired to direct / Leigh Brackett delivers 1st Draft Script
3:30 Mar 1978: Snowtrooper designs
3:45 Mar 1978: Lots of gadgets
4:47 Apr 1978: Lucas delivers 2nd Draft Script: First mention of Boba Fett
5:53 Apr 1978: The Star Wars Holiday Special Animation short
7:26 Apr 1978: Prototype white suit made at EMI Studios
7:56 Jun 1978: Joe Johnston suit redesign
8:23 Jun 1978: Prototype white suit video in San Anselmo
12:05 Nelvana work on animated short
12:25 White dented helmet suits made and shipped
12:50 Ralph McQuarrie concept paintings
13:32 Painted suits and dressing guide
14:00 Sep 1978: Boba Fett appearance at San Anselmo Fair
14:11 Sep 1978: Slave I design
14:56 Nov 1978: Boba Fett appears on TV
16:26 Apr 1979: Filming Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back
19:50 Aug 1979: Kenner toy figure patent
21:02 May 1980: The Empire Strikes Back released
21:27 May 1983: The Return of the Jedi released

Many thanks to Art Andrews/The Dented Helmet for his help with this video

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