He would be far from the first Star Trek actor to swap galaxy’s and enter the GFFA – George Takei and Brent Spiner to name just two – and there’s no reason to believe that Kelvin Timeline Captain Kirk actor Chris Pine will be joining them, but as a principal actor in Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman series he has been given an inside peek at the story she is developing for her 2023 Rogue Squadron film, and having plenty of experience with another Star Wars director in J.J. Abrams, he seems impressed.

“I had spoken to her about, not my involvement, but the story. She talked to me about it. It sounds really, really great. But I’m ecstatic for her, excited for what she’s about to embark on. If there’s anyone that can reimagine and breathe fresh, new life into it, it’s her.”

Jenkins as already indicated that she’s ‘Super excited‘ about the movie, and with it currently the next big screen adventure on the slate we’ll be sure to hear plenty about its development as the next three years count down.

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