Disney offering £5.00 voucher when you pre order The Last Jedi DVD or Blu-ray

Disney Store offering a £5 voucher with pre-order dvd and blu-ray of The Last Jedi.

Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars: Legion Is Now Available

Star Wars Legion from Fantasy Flight Games is out today.

A Yoda film would need to be CGI, according to Frank Oz

Frank Oz discusses why a future Yoda project would require a CGI Yoda instead of a practical puppet.

Coffee With Kenobi #115: John Boyega

Coffee With Kenobi returns, and this episode they're talking to John Boyega!

Star Wars Battlefront II finally unlocks all heroes

And what a surprise, my friends, today's update of Star Wars Battlefront II not only brought the new system of progression, it also released some goodies

Epic Games demonstrate real-time ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4 with ILMxLAB and NVIDIA

ILMxLAB are part of an extraordinary development in the realms of gaming quality and technology.

Podcast 2187 Episode 93: I’m Sorry Tim/I Blame Tim

Podcast 2187 returns, and it's clearly Tim's fault.

Entertainment Weekly: Closer look at HASLAB Jabba’s sail barge prototype

The HASLAB Jabba's sail barge continues to develop as Hasbro add another enticing element to this crowdfunded project.

Fantasy Flight Games: A Starter’s Guide to Miniatures Painting

Fantasy Flight Games give us a starters guide to painting their Star Wars miniatures.

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